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Pure Cities Interviewed Attorneys Robert Bozeman and Candice McKinley about Sustainability and Social Justice.

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 The Doctors [check local listings] | The Phonesavanh Family and Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis will be on the television show “The Doctors” discussing the physical, financial and emotional injuries our clients have faced. Family Devastated By SWAT Raid: The Doctors and special guest Dr. Phil McGraw sit down with a couple whose baby was severely injured by a flash grenade during a SWAT raid gone wrong.

Watch clips from the show here: http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/legal-ramifications-of-police-raid-debacle


2020 abc 20/20   10:00pm EST  Fridays| The Phonesavanh Family , Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis and Activist Marcus Colemen will be a part of a series reviewing the effects militarization of the police in our communities.
Airing schedule TBD – original airdate adjusted due to breaking news.


Police Brutality In Our Community



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