Trial Practice

Bozeman - Personal Injury

Many personal injury attorneys rarely stand before a judge in a courtroom and even less often do they take a case to trial before a jury.  The reason so few personal injury attorneys have trial experience is because most, if not all, of their cases settle out of court.  Unfortunately, simply settling the case for what the insurance company will “give you” is not always in your best interest.  There are times that experienced trial attorneys, such as ours, are needed to represent you in a trial in order for you to receive what your case is truly worth. 

Lawyers in our Trial Practice Section are in court on a daily basis either appearing before judges to argue motions or conducting jury trials.  Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis leads the firm’s Trial Practice Section.  We are experienced in selecting juries and trying cases in counties throughout Georgia.  If, after reviewing the facts of your case and all of the available options, the decision is made that your case will best be resolved through trial, you will have an experienced advocate to fight for you.