Sanford: Heading to Sanford to be present! #BePresentOrganize

In March of 2012, I, along with other activists in the Atlanta area, organized charter buses to travel from Atlanta to Sanford, Florida to demand the arrest of George Zimmerman.

The buses were a part of a national mobilizing effort to express outrage with a tragic and outrageous case of racial profiling. Sixteen months later, on Tuesday morning, my family and I will arrive at the courthouse in Sanford, Florida. Unfortunately, we are not riding a charter bus as a part of a national organizing effort.

My family and law firm has watched with concern, sadness, and anger as the trial and legal/political “analysis” has unfolded. Our concern is rooted in our knowledge that historically the American legal system has NOT provided justice to African Americans without significant agitation. We also realize that what is missing from the process is the presence of community members who understand the significance of this trial for our sons. On Tuesday, my family will be present in Sanford, Florida as witnesses to the value placed on Trayvon Martin’s life. We will not be there to engage in any rallies or protests. Our presence will be reminiscent of the silent march of 1917 in New York.

In my practice of law, we have found it matters when family members are present in court. Trayvon Martin and his family are our family, and we should be present. Hopefully, other family members will join us. We encourage anyone attending to wear court appropriate attire.

As you learn more about the trial please post/share your actions with the hashtag #BePresentOrganize. The #BePresentOrganize hashtag will link efforts of families as they journey through processing what is happening with the trial. Being present allows us to communicate, share information, resources and encourage each other. Being present means we understand that we matter. Whether you are posting your thoughts and findings online or driving down to Sanford to be present in person, you will not be alone.

In Struggle, Love, & Victory,

Mawuli Davis

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